Vision Engineering Ltd is a leading-edge manufacturer of patented stereo microscopes and non-contact measuring systems.

Vision Engineering was founded in 1958 by Rob Freeman, a toolmaker who had previously worked as a race mechanic with the Jaguar Racing Team. Whilst at Jaguar, Rob developed a borescope for inspecting internal race engine parts without the need for disassembly.

Vision Engineering - optical manufacture in the early yearsSubsequently he formed Vision Engineering Ltd as a means of developing his interest in optics applied to manufacturing technology. The company started off as a specialist optical sub-contractor to large British companies including Rolls Royce, Vickers, Ferranti and GEC.

In 1994 Vision Engineering introduced the World’s first ‘eyepiece-less’ stereo microscope, the Original Mantis, designed to fill the gap between a bench magnifier and a microscope. It was an ergonomic revolution that went on to win design and innovation awards and was featured on BBC programme Tomorrows World. The Mantis became the new benchmark for high performance stereo magnification.

Mantis original and today's Mantis microscopeSince then, Vision Engineering has pursued a corporate design and innovation policy that concentrates on optimising operator performance when using optical systems in the manufacturing sectors and industries.

Over the years Vision Engineering has delivered leading-edge stereo inspection and optical measurement products that have helped improved productivity and quality for thousands of companies the world over.

From fault detection, rework, research and development to quality control, Vision Engineering’s products are unrivalled when it comes to ergonomics.

Our unique patented products have saved manufacturing companies many man-hours, reduced materials wastage and ensured quality and conformance to desired specifications.

Rob Freeman MBE Vision Engineering ChairmanRob Freeman, Chairman, was honoured in 1996 by Queen Elizabeth II with an MBE in recognition of his services to the British Optical Industry.

Vision Engineering, world leaders in optical inspection and measurement systems, services it customers from its offices around the world and through its global distribution network.

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