Xpress FOV video measuring system
Compact, accurate and simple.
Measure within the field of view, in seconds
Ultra-fast FOV Video Measuring System


Xpress delivers ultra-fast, accurate 2D measurement within the field of view (FOV), at the touch of a button. No need to focus. No need to position your parts. Instantly and accurately measure hundreds of features within the field of view in seconds.

  • Rapid, high accuracy 2D measurement within the field of view.
  • Exceptional ease of use – eliminates operator variances.
  • Reduce measurement time – significantly.
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Xpress utilises the power of high resolution field of view (FOV) measurement to provide high accuracy, 2D measurements of small parts, in an instant.

With Xpress, there is no need to position the part, or even adjust the focus – just place the part within the field of view, and then run the programme. Hundreds of measurements are taken (within the field of view) in seconds. Xpress is ideal for customers who require the fastest, simplest way to accurately measure their component parts.


  • Rapid, high accuracy 2D measurement system, within the field of view (FOV).
  • No need for focus adjustment or sample positioning.
  • Reduces measurement time – significantly.
  • Exceptional ease of use – eliminates operator variances.
  • Go, No Go results, with full geometric tolerancing.
  • Operator training takes minutes, not hours.

Instant measurement

Field of view measurement is ideal for 2D measurement of small components parts, up to 70mm in length. By measuring within the field of view, measurement can be taken in an instant. Plus variance between operators is eliminated, since there is no requirement to position and focus the sample, which not only takes time, but also relies on an individual operator skills and habits.

What can I measure?

Any feature you can ‘see’ within the field of view. Xpress is ideally suited to profile measurement of small, flat components such as pressed parts, washers, gaskets, seals, O-rings, connectors, sectioned extruded materials, low density circuit boards and flexible circuits, as well as thin parts, including bottle tops, medical tubing, small medical devices, housings, syringes, plus much more...

How does it work?

‘Field of view’ measurement uses a high resolution video camera, coupled with a ‘flat field’ telecentric lens system. The telecentric lens provides a completely flat image, across the full field of view, without any curvature, or distortion, so you can make highly accurate 2D measurements within the field of view, without having to move the sample.

Not only that, but with an exceptionally large depth of field, your sample is always in focus, regardless of height differences, making Xpress the faster, more convenient, more friendly way to measure.

Featuring touch2measure technology

Xpress features 'next generation' multi-touch measurement software. With smartphone familiarity, 'touch-to-measure' technology makes Xpress exceptionally intuitive, easy to operate and easy to learn.

  • 'Touch-to-measure' means that in addition to conventional mouse control, you can 'pinch' to zoom, 'swipe' to pan across an image and 'touch' to take a measurement.
  • ‘Touch-to-measure’ operation provides ultimate simplicity.
  • Minimises training requirements, reduces operator error.
  • Full sample recognition, means you don’t need to position your sample.
  • Go, No Go results, with full geometric tolerancing.
  • Choice of report formats.
  • Windows 7 operating system for simple integration with applications such as Microsoft Excel (not included), or connection with network printers etc.

2D measurement, with ultimate simplicity

No need to position the parts. Just place your sample, or samples... anywhere, within the field of view.

No need to focus. Just select your programme.

Xpress FOV measurement system ready to measure part

Just select your programme. Measure all the features... of all your parts, in seconds.

With Go, No Go simplicity.

Xpress FOV measurement system selecting programme

Xpress viedo measurement system showing tolerance failed message

View measurement results, ...in seconds.

Xpress FOV video measurements sytem - live video annotation

Clear display shows pass / fail tolerances

Xpress FOV video measuring system displaying results 1

 Xpreess FOV video measuring system showing toleneced results

To discuss your particular requirements in further detail, please contact your local Vision Engineering representative.

System details

  Xpress 35 Xpress 70
Field of view
X  28mm  57mm
Y  21mm  43mm
 Diagonal  35mm  70mm
2µm 3µm
  (±)4µm (±)7µm

* Measured under controlled conditions.

Note: Components can be larger than the actual field of view if measuring individual features, or if all features to be measured are within the field of view.


Fully telecentric lens.


5.0Mp USB2.0 camera


Controllable and programmable LED surface illumination.


Controllable and programmable LED surface illumination


Dimensions 270mm(w) x 375(d) x 665(h)mm

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What can I use it for?

Profile measurement of small, flat parts:

  • Pressed parts, washers, gaskets
  • Seals, O-rings, connectors
  • Sectioned extruded materials
  • Low density circuit boards and flexible circuits

Measurement of surface features:

  • Bottle tops, medical tubing
  • Small medical devices
  • Housings, syringes, plus much more...

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