ND 122 Rugged Digital Readout
Entry-level 2D Geometric Digital Readout

ND 122

A durable microprocessor for measuring microscopes offers rugged simplicity, ideal for shop floor use, reducing operator error, whilst minimising training time.

  • Entry-level 2-axis measurement
  • Robust outer casing and splash proof keyboard for shop floor conditions
  • Simplicity of operation – ideal for multiple users
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A durable microprocessor offers rugged simplicity, ideal for shop floor use, reducing operator error, while minimising training time.

Durability - robust outer casing allows for the microprocessor to be used on the shop floor

Ease of use - Simplicity of operation reduces operator error and increases productivity, while minimising training time. Ideal for multiple users

Quick, accurate 2-axis measurement - Provides essential functionality, delivering clear and simple measurement results


  • Precise measurement and inspection of 2D parts
  • Adjustable high visibility monochrome display makes reading easy in different lighting conditions
  • Consistent, intuitive interface ensures operator accuracy and reduces training time
  • Robust front panel for harsh production environments
  • For use with Kestrel Elite non-contact optical measuring systems
Kestrel Elite measuring microscope with ND122 digital readout

To meet the demands of metrology and production control, the ND 122 digital readouts are robust, operator friendly systems for the measurement and inspection of 2D geometric components, providing a control interface with the Kestrel Elite range of high precision non-contact measuring systems.

Intuitive User Interface

A consistent, intuitive interface ensures operator accuracy and reduces training time.

To aid the operator the ND 122 displays the features graphically as well as the position values. The individual measuring points, the geometrical and arithmetical deviations are also shown. For circles the maximum inscribed circles and minimum circumscribed circles are shown.

ND 1222 Display


ND 1222 Display

Intersections & Constructions

Obtain essential intersection and construction results by selecting from the list of previously measured features, complete with graphics.

Context-Sensitive Help

ND 122 decreases training time and costs with graphics-rich, context sensitive help that guides shop floor personnel through interface conventions.

Use with


  • 2D measurement
  • X-axis
  • Y-axis


  • Measurement of two-dimensional features (2-D)
  • Point measurement with crosshairs
  • Graphic display of measurement results


  • Point
  • Line
  • Circle
  • Angle
  • Distance


  • Points
  • Lines
  • Circles
Data interface
  • USB (type B)
Mains input
  • 100V~240V (-15% to +10%) 43 Hz to 63 Hz


Language support

  • English
  • German
  • French
  • Italian
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • Japanese
  • Polish
  • Czech

Error correction methods

  • NLEC

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