DX51 routine metallurgical microscope
DX51 routine metallurgical microscope
Routine Metallurgical Microscope


The trinocular DX51 is ideal for routine applications and training purposes in industry and science. Its unique design offers high stability, excellent optical performance and reliability.

  • Compact stable design
  • Infinity optics with brightfield illumination
  • Image recording facilities
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The DX51 trinocular upright metallurgical microscope provides excellent optical performance and flexibility for a wide range of routine metallurgical applications.Simple operating procedures ensure outstanding effectiveness in all routine work, making the DX51 the natural choice for the exacting demands of industrial and education microscopy.


  • 40x – 400x magnification range
  • Optics offer superb image contrast and resolution
  • Brightfield and polarized light illumination techniques
  • Range of image capture options for documentation, analysis and reporting
  • Compact stable design with infinity optical system

The DX51 metallographic microscope is perfectly suited to quality control, materials inspection and sample preparation applications, offering high performance with reliability.

It is a great high quality instrument for any research and development department when used for inspecting and identifying microscopic metal grain structures.



  • Conveniently situated focusing and stage controls promote fatigue free operation.
  • Low positioned illumination controls for ease and efficiency.
  • Operator adjustable coarse focus.


  • Köhler illumination, with continuously adjustable 20W Halogen lamp, offers optimum illumination for observation and documentation techniques.


  • Versatility combined with an exceptional design and stability.
  • Efficiency packed into a compact size.
  • Powerful performance and easy operation.

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Microscope Body
Microscope Body
Focus Coaxial bilateral coarse and fine adjustment with adjustable limit stop
Torque adjustment for coarse focus control
Illuminator Built-in Köhler illumination for epi illuminator (brightfield)
6 volt 20W Halogen bulb (pre-centred)
Built-in variable transformer
Nosepiece Quadruple nosepiece
Optical System Infinity optical system


Observation Tube
Observation Tube
Interpupillary Adjustment 55 to 75mm
Inclination 30°
Compensation free binocular head


Mechanical Stage
Mechanical Stage
Stage Dimensions 150 x 140mm
Controls Low positioned coaxial controls
X & Y Movement 75 x 50mm


Infinity plan achromat x4/N.A. 0.1 (brightfield)
Infinity plan achromat x10/N.A. 0.25 (brightfield)
Infinity plan achromat x40/N.A. 0.60 (brightfield)

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