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Field of View (FOV) measurement… a new way of measuring small flat parts
28 August 2014

Measuring within the field of view is an entirely new way to accurately measure small, flat components, providing unrivalled speed and simplicity compared to alternative methods such as profile projectors, video measuring machines, or measuring microscopes.

But what is field of view measurement, how does it work and how could it help me?


How to correctly set-up and focus a stereo microscope
21 August 2014

Quickly and easily set-up and focus your stereo microscope.


CamZ digital magnifier vs. iPhone 4S camera
17 September 2013

Which takes better pictures?

CamZ is a handheld digital magnifier, providing magnification options (up to 14x) and is in worldwide use for a wide range of tasks, from documenting faults to inspecting immobile subjects. The iPhone 4S is great, people love it. Smartphones are now the common choice for taking pictures, so should be considered as a real alternative to the stand alone digital camera.


Optical Metrology Spotlight…Size IS everything
04 June 2013
When we start looking for that all important measuring kit, it’s tempting to go for the all singing and all dancing metrology system, that can’t fail but to give the accurate measurement needed to get that instant pass or fail. More..

Spotlight on the Falcon 3-Axis Video Measuring Machine
23 April 2013

Measurement and inspection have become increasingly critical in the manufacturing process with pressure on increasing throughput and turnaround times. Smaller components with tighter tolerances means greater size to performance ratios, but the adverse effect of all these demands requires meticulous inspection and accurate measurement, often sub 10 microns.


The role of optical inspection in today’s demanding electronics industry
14 March 2013
Reliable automated systems for populating PCBs are a common sight on most of today’s assembly lines. With this in mind, to what extent are manual processes implemented into the production of PCBs, in today’s demanding electronics industry? More..

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